Psychopaths & Proto-Psychopaths:
Soul Snatching Death Cult•ure - Matrix Control System Agents

"It is the considered opinion of Energy Enhancement that more than 75% of the general population has symptoms of Psychopathy, - Thieves, Murderers, Torturers and their Accomplices with the potential to do tremendous damage when given the opportunity! This is not only the one or two percent of real psychopaths, but also the accomplices, the vast majority of people who if ordered to help the guys in charge, DO IT!! And these accomplices are the vast majority of all the people in varying degrees. Scientifically and historically we can see the problem. This is a world problem and is in need of solution. It is not possible for revolution or war to change the above as it plays into the hands of the psychopaths in charge and historically has always made matters worse as the law falls into disarray."Energy Enhancement

“Understanding psychopathy requires letting go of your basic emotional instincts. Remember, these are people who prey on forgiveness. They thrive on your need for closure. They manipulate compassion and exploit sympathy. Since the dawn of time, psychopaths have waged psychological warfare on others—humiliating and shaming kind, unsuspecting victims—people who never asked for it; people who aren’t even aware of the war until it’s over. But this is all about to change. […] Perhaps most insidious of all the psychopath’s evils: their relationship cycle, during which they gleefully and systematically wipe out the identity of an unsuspecting victim. Cold and calculated emotional rape.” ― Jackson MacKenzie, [Psychopath Free (Expanded Edition): Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other Toxic People]

"So, your dream is to make it to the very top in Politics, Mass Media, Religion or Big Business? Then forget about studying Political Science, Journalism, Theology and Economics. Study the behaviour of Serial Killers. They'll show you how to be a success in these fields." ― Thomas Sheridan, Author of 'Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath', (Politics and Mind Parasites)

The Proto-Psychopath and the True Psychopath:

The Psychopathic Society 2 - As Above, So Below...:

Thomas Sheridan on the Pete Santilli Show:
Overcoming the Psychopathic Control Grid

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version):

"When we dissect the cardinal sins, we will discover that these creatures are nothing but Satanists divided into obfuscated categories by immoral psychiatrists. -- There is no difference between a psychopath, and a narcissist. Only an immoral & atheistic psychiatric doctrine could ever come up with so much as a trivialization to what is going on. -- So what makes a narcissist not a sociopath? Minute differentiations in arbitrary crimes, made legal by generic meaningless details. -- There is absolutely no difference between a narcissist & a sociopath whatsoever, except that a sociopathic diagnosis is required they destroy people using some methods that a narcissist may not." ― Brian Bryant

"Many people believe they're immune from the effects of narcissistic abuse…until they get fired from their job, their pet is harmed or killed, they have a psychotic breakdown, or their child commits suicide due to constant verbal assaults and being made to feel unworthy." ― Kim Saeed, (The Chaos Theory of Narcissistic Abuse)

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