NOCEBO EFFECT: Wetiko Zombie Mind-Virus - AS SEEN ON TV
Celebrities And What Their Actual Function Is


REMEMBER “Hypatia?” ― ΛGORΛ (2009)

BEWARE THE ZOMBIE MIND-VIRUS: Celebrities And What Their Actual Function Is


CULPABLE: #DoNotComply

DISTORTED NEWS: “Again, Stalin and … the Third Reich's … propaganda machine would marvel at what they're able to do today.” ― Matthew McKinley, Quantum of Conscience, (In the Middle of The Ottawa Truck Rally)

UNMUTE YOURSELF | REPORT ABUSE: Chris Geo - Shout 2020 feat BeyondBliss (MUSIC)

TURN OFF YOUR TV - Nocebo Zombie Mind-VirusCelebrities And What Their Actual Function Is ― by Rebecca Barron, (FindTheLight rb)

THE TELEVISION TOLD ME: “What's your IQ  Are you really stupid  Or dumbed down by the tube?” ― Sheree Geo, (What Does The Sheep Say?)

TUNE INTO THE GREAT DECEIVER: Television Watching News Believer ― by Alex Michael, (Conspiracy Music Guru)

THEY ‘FUCKING LIED TO US’: Turn off that shit box news. ― Riley Bina [Ariana Grande] in Don't Look Up (2021)

TERRAIN: THE FILM / COVERT BIOHACKING PROGRAM: “What they're doing is they're coming for your psyche, and they're coming for your heart. They're actually injecting (energetically) fear into your heart. And what are you doing? Expressing IT.” ― Tom Barnett, (Know Thyself Live Stream)

CUL➕ OF THE MEDICSPHARMAKEIA BLACK MAGI•C JU•ICE / HOLD YOUR POSITION: My juice is free for you my friend, 'cause I know you'll be back again and again and again… […] Do you really think they want you healthy, when they are financially dependent on the sick.” ― Alex Michael, (Big Pharma - Conspiracy Music Guru)

PEOPLE OF THE LIE: X Files Hospital Experience + Fake Media & Questionable Cops — by Tom Barnett

AGENDA FOR CONTROL: It's Not About Your Safety. It's About Control ― by Simona Rich

PAN•DEMISE / WORD SALAD“The point is that NOBODY is cutting to the chase with the actual MEANING of the words spoken like God is rewriting the Commandments. That's mistake number ONE. The ‘Story Architects’ WANT us to use THEIR WORDS to provide their Story--legitimacy... breathing life into the narrative. And better yet: fear, terror! Clearly, their goal is TERROR. (This is not an opinion but an NLP deconstruction of their words. Do the MATH.).  Here's their CONCEPT (See if it reminds you of anything time immortal):  ‘There's an invisible THING (Devil) that will GET YOU ... but WE (Priest-class) will keep you SAFE...IF you do exactly what WE (Priest-class) WANT.’  What kind of Mindset sells their soul, their children's soul (life's future)...EVERYTHING...for something they didn't even NEED...in 2019???  Answer: one who has been hypnotized unconsciously tuned to an already existing concept in the back of their minds (I've hinted at it...connect the dots).  Ponder on that.” ― Reptilian Insider, (Are you made of Flesh & Blood or WORDS? What if the WRONG words are being used to control your mind?)


SIMPLY LISTEN / DO YOU TRULY CARE?: “Most people don't CARE, about what's really happening.” ― Mark Passio, (The Master Key - Law Of Attraction)

ARE YOU ACTING OUT OF FEAR OR LOVE?: “…all the different agendas are all pushing to make it harder and harder to raise our emotional frequency.” ― Vannessa VA, (Secrets Encoded in DNA | Vax Retrocausality | DNA Activation)

NEGATE THE MIASMA OF FEAR: Noticing The Hidden Hand That Shapes Ideas and Behavior — by Matt McKinley

THE GOD PROTOCOL // WARNING TO THE ELITE: “The elite have a problem: they can't escape death.” ― Sam Gerrans, (The elite are screwed)

DARK CITY // MANIPULATED CITY: “You're exposed, go off the grid.” — Attorney Min Cheon-sang [Oh Jeong-Se] in Fabricated City 조작된 도시 (2017)

BLACK MAGIC COVID MARKETING CAMPAIGN: “ldquo;Marketing: Death ― by Book of Ours

YOU CANNOT CATCH A VIRUS: “Really, the flu is a healing crisis, right? It's like taking off a pair of tight shoes, and that's why everybody feels good afterwards.” ― Mark Attwood, (Tom Barnett: Words of Wisdom Amidst all the Noise)

"VIRUSES" ARE HELPER AGENTS CREATED BY THE BODY: “There is no such thing as the flu. It's a collection of symptoms that could be attributed to anything.” — Sofia Smallstorm, (Sage of Quay™ Radio - Sofia Smallstorm - Polio, Viruses and Patents (Jan 2019))

MACHIAVELLIAN EXPLOITATION / SAME SCAM--DIFFERENT LABELS: “They have hijacked the detox natural system of our bodies, and turned it into a … weapon against us, basically. They're taking your natural detoxing system, and turning it against us.” ― fair comment by Lynette, (UTR ~ Controlled Op Reeling You Back Into Their Fear Laden Hoax Reality)

FEAR IS THE VIRUS: “The only virus that's a real virus is the mind virus. It's always been that way. … Things are put out there, information is put out. It infects the mind. Then…the mind infects the body. It's basically how it works.” ― Tom Barnett, (Truckers, Information and Power Live Stream)

CONDITIONING PEOPLE TO DIE“They don't want us to know how powerful our minds are or what we're capable of.” ― fair comment by alan, (nocebo , no no)

AS SEEN ON TV (tell-lie-vision):  Beware the Mind-Virus and Turn off your TV” ― by shirtform, (Fear is the mind-killer and TV is nothing but fear)

TV DOESN'T MATCH REALITY / A EYE BRAINWASHING MACHINE: We're In A Lot Of Trouble - Chris Geo featuring Howard Beale ― BEYOND THE VEIL

MACHINE AGE ISOLATION / TYRANNISED BY MACHINES“We have to stop listening to the TV. … It's a twisted fucking experiment. We've done this to ourselves. Don't let them manipulate you.” ― Nick [Sam Gittins] in Await Further Instructions (2018)

IDIOCRACY / IDIOT BOX: “Terrorism Is A Fake Political Agenda Designed To Scare The Pants Off The General Public Causing Mass Paranoia ( Insanity).” ― DrVirtual7 Empower Dynamics, (DISSOLVE MEDIA TERROR || MIND INDOCTRINATION)

CIA MELODRAMATIC PROGRAMMING MACHINE: “The news is the longest running soap opera that has ever been. That is part of a system, a milieu, a context which itself is psychopathic.” ― Sam Gerrans, (Psychopaths, Narcissists, Gaslighting, Satanism And The New World Order)

TRUTH DROP: “If you didn't see it, it didn't happen.” — Amanda Harper [Deborah Ann Woll] in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)

HERE FOR THE TRUTH: The power is in your hands. ― Rinat Strahlhofer, The Gaia Code, #WeAreNotSAM

ONLY THE BRAVE•HEARTED TRULY LIVE: “If you don't want my protection then... off you go.” — Lyutsifer Safin [Rami Malek] in No Time to Die (2021)

BE FEARLESS: “Fear is a dead power, threat is a dead power, and BS deception is a dead power. This is what the materialist rulers use to control and rule over us. Fear and Threat.” ― Mark Cordova, (The Gnostic Truth, ‘The Coronavirus’ (ep7))

SCIENCE FICTION PUPPET SHOW - SCARING PEOPLE TO DEATH (Puppet Masquerade)“Fear brings spiritual death. To show this dynamic in another way, let's describe a common thought for alters of Monarch slaves. This thought is ‘If I stay with the programming I'm safe.’ This is the same thought that society in general is taught via fear of self-preservation. ‘If I stay with the crowd, if I stay with the system, then I will be safe.’ This is why peer pressure, which seems safe, can lead many young people into death.” ― Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, (The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave)

BULLYCIDE / MENTICIDE / PSYCHOCIDE / DEMOCIDE / GENOCIDE: “Less well known is the ‘nocebo effect,’ in which patients, believing themselves to have terminal illnesses (or to be under curses) literally make themselves sick and die. In these instances, the patient's belief sets off a chain of mental images that culminate in the person physically making himself sick, perhaps even dying from fright. […] Adroit mind-slayers deliberately insert confusion, doubt and fear into the minds of their foes, purposely staining the foe's mind-mirror in order to make that foe ‘see’ an imperfect reflection of the world. An imperfect reflection of the world around them causes people to act on incorrect information. Calculated on incorrect intelligence, an enterprise cannot but fail. In order to remain in a constant state of readiness to do battle, be it physical battle or a no-less-lethal mental challenge, ninja cultivated makoto, the stainless mind. Makoto is a balanced state of mind allowing us to remain calm even in the most trying of circumstance.” — Haha Lung, Christopher B Prowant, (Mind Manipulation: Ancient and Modern Ninja Techniques)

WHY DO PEOPLE JOIN CULTS? “Face the Psyop Person and Speak the Truth” — Christopher Kingler, (The Art of Psychological Warfare—Discover How to Defend Yourself from Manipulation)

FEAR & GUILT CONTROL SYSTEM: “And in this game of power, only those who can conquer their fear will survive.” — HODDER, ( FRANK HERBERT  Ɔ U ꓵ C )

TURN OFF THE FEAR-MONGERING MASS MEDIA PANDEMIC: “Brilliant video. At last some justice for some tortured young souls” ― fair comment by Jane Thomas, (Celebrities And What Their Actual Function Is)

SCAREMONGERING MACHINATION / FAKE NEWSCASTING / HYPNOTIC SPELLCASTING: “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.” ― H.L. Mencken

SCARE TACTICS / BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR: Fear = Control. The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm is happening... — JustinCredible.TV

PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASE“Fear is the fire that fuels the furnace of disease.”Dr. Ben Tapper

WETIKO ZOMBIE MIND-VIRUS: Is ‘Malignant Egophrenia’ the real Zombie Apocalypse? ― by extremehistory

COMMIE-VIRUS / CASEDEMIC: “As soon as the media stops talking about COVID-19 the virus will disappear!” ― fair comment by Randi Rose, (‘WHAT DOES THE SCIENCE SAY? WHAT'S ATTACKING US? FALSE ALARM? PLUS YOUR CALLS’ ― by Jeffrey Daugherty, The Christian Whistleblower)

COOKED UP REALITY TV‘Digital Hate’ Attacks on Your Freedoms ― by Sayer Ji, (GreenMedInfo.com)

PERNICIOUS GASLIGHTING / MENTICIDE PROGRAMS / IDIOT BOX PROGRAMMING“The fact that most mainstream news is lying, not reporting things.” ― Simona Rich, (The Great Split)

THE VIGILANT CITIZEN: “A few citizens posted footage of your rescue operation, but it was immediately taken down. Rook controls everything, including the media. … Rook put you in those costumes for his own purposes. … You want to really help people? Focus on getting them out from under Rook's oppressive thumb. … We have to stay vigilant against Rook.” ― Dr. Racine Cleo (Dr. C) [Kate Mulgrew] in Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, S2 E1: The New Normal (2018)

REPERCUSSIONS: “They should worry. They should be in fear. … Don't let them freak you out. … They're going to god, and there is no vip lounge the other side of death. I don't care how rich you are.” ― Sam Gerrans, (Sirius And The Ruling Elite)

THE PRISON O̶F̶ ̶T̶H̶E̶ ̶F̶U̶T̶U̶R̶E̶ IS ALL IN THE MIND | SCIENCE FICTION | MEDICAL TRICKERY: “You see what she did? You see what this virus is? She's paralyzed an entire population.” ― MadCap [Stephen Hunter] in Blue World Order (2017)

ΛNCIENT VVISDOΛΛ: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” — Ancient Aphorism

EXPOSE THE CONSPIRACY: “To hell with the rules … I can breathe again.” — Nico Price [KJ Apa] in Songbird (2020)

IMMUNE TO SYSTEMATIC (FEAR & GUILT) PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE: “New data confirms the virus attacks the brain…” ― Voice-over [Tim True] in Songbird (2020)

DISTORTED BORG COLLECTIVE DELUSION: “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority , but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” ― Marcus Aurelius / Roman Emperor (121 AD – 180 AD)

ORDER FOLLOWERS / FLESH ROBOTS: “The NPC doesn't even value its own existence. It only values protocol, bureaucracy and its method and process. And when that breaks down, so does the NPC.” ― Thomas Sheridan, (The NPC Explained Everything | Thomas Sheridan |)

WOI ABOUT YOURSELF | THE MASSES: “A lot of them are kind of like a lost cause at this point. Like they're just so far gone, that they cannot… like… think for themselves. You know, the TV thinks for them at this point.” ― Astro Solsin, Reprogram The Matrix, (It Has Just Begun!!! - Spiritual War - Age of False Information)

FALSE NEWS / GOD REPORT: “My mother had completely lost her bearing on reality. She was a by-product of the fearmongering peddled by the ‘World Authority’. And she wasn't alone. Even after the government fell apart, thousands of people stayed inside their pods, afraid to venture outdoors. They didn't know any other way of life. But for the majority of us, it was the beginning of a brave new world, without confinement, and without the lies. People in every sector were finally breaking free.” ― Darwin, (2149: The Aftermath, 2021)

HACK THE SYSTEM | SURVIVE THE GAME | REVEAL THE TRUTH | FOR THE MASSES: “Institutions grab power by wrapping their hands around the necks of individuals, and claiming ignorance to inequalities, because no one is making any noise. If cicada isn't the answer, it's the spotlight. Our power comes in unity, and being a voice for another, when they can't hear it speak.” ― Connor [Jack Kesy] in Dark Web: Cicada 3301 (2021)

WE ARE THE ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMMER: “Now, I'm being facetious here, but bear with me, I'm being facetious for a reason. In order for us to obtain our freedom from all of these dictates that … many feel are unsubstantiated, unfounded and tyrannical, ok. We as freedom wanting people, need to administer a vaccination shot to kill the virus which is this, these deep state traitors, this death cult. THEY are the virus on this planet. And to rid ourselves, and to protect ourselves from this … virus that's on earth doing what it's doing, then we need to vaccinate ourselves by giving a shot to the deep state traitors, administering a single shot to the back of the head. Now, shoot here, and that's where it would need to be done, in order to vaccinate us from these people who are stealing and taking our freedoms at every opportunity, and don't care that we know that they're doing so. They don't care that we know what we know about what they're doing. They know one thing that I've been repeating and I'm going to say it over and over. Our problem is not knowing the truth, our problem is knowing what to do once we learn the truth. Because if we do nothing, then they can continue. […] The global survailance system as I've stated, was meant to protect them from us. To allow them the ability to know who's thinkimg what, who knows the truth, and who's pursuing the truth, who's influencing others with the truth so that they can diminish it, so they can stop it, they can prevent it. That's why the control of information, the control of truth, is now at a critical point in America and the world. But, we need a freedom vaccination given back to these people, these deep state traitors. […] If they want to vaccinate us, I say we need to vaccinate them. Except, a freedom vaccination is just a one-time thing. You have to vaccinate where indicated. And if you do so, I guarantee you then, we will start regaining our freedoms. But until then, they're laughing at us because they know, there's nothing we're going to do but whine, cry, bitch and complain, write letters, protest, sing kumbaya, and hope that it all gets better. Everyone's wishing someone to step-in and save us. Nope! The only person that's going to save you, is you. And you need to know how to save yourself, when you have to save yourself. And that time is now. […] If you're a traitor to this nation, and it can be proven that you're a traitor, then you've sold-out to foreign nation states, or you've sold-out to corporations for money so that you can merely lie to the American public, then you do not deserve to be an American. You need to be punished for what you are, a traitor to this nation, who is willing to cooperate with those who are willing to genocide the mass populations of the world, let alone America. And for those people that cooperatively go along with those people, they deserve the same fate as those that planned and gave the orders to carry out such evil plans.” ― MrCati, (REDUX - The Evergreen 4 Given by Zeus Observation & Discussion)

GNOSTIC ANTI-MALWARE | ANTI-SEMITIC LANGUAGE | MACHINE LANGUAGE/CODE | ARCHONTIC INFECTION: “If you accept, that that story in genesis is a story that applies to the creation of all mankind, you've got the malware in your system. And that malware is designed like the most vicious computer virus ever conceived, and it generates and propagates itself into many other lies and propositions, which infect the minds of all those who are indoctrinated into this system.” ― John Lamb Lash, (If Gnostics & Early Christians Had An Open Discussion...)

GNOSTIC ANTI-CHRIST | TRAUMA BONDING WITH PSYCHOPATHS | FEAR-BASED MIND CONTROL | REDEEMER COMPLEX: “That belief system is so devious and delusional and harmful, that it corrupts your humanity to adopt it. But on the other hand, your humanity has to be pretty corrupted in the first place before you even adopt it. That's how bad it is. It's completely unnecessary, it has never helped anyone, it has never saved anyone, it has never improved the human condition. What improves the human condition is the natural goodness of people, when it's allowed to express itself. We do not need a super human redeemer, and some divine plan laid down by big daddy in the sky. This is what the Gnostics objected to. This is what they protested, and this is what I protest, today. … It is a scam to tell people that they can only know how to do the right thing, if the rules are given to them by an unreachable off-planet authority. Because, if someone accepts that, then they default on their own moral authority. If someone needs the rules of the ten commandments to tell them how to behave, and they need to believe that those rules come from a divine authority beyond the earth, then they have already defaulted on their own conscience. Because the truth is, only your own conscience can tell you what is right and wrong. That is how a human being is made. We're not made to follow rules that are fictitiously ascribed to some off-planet spiritual power. We're not made for that way. And those of us who adopt that program, have put our own humanity at risk by doing so.” ― John Lamb Lash, (Not in His Image)

BELIEF SYSTEM (BS) vs TRUE WISDOM: “Synesius, you don't question what you believe. You cannot. I must.” — Hypatia [Rachel Weisz] in Agora (2009)

OUTSOURCING ONE'S PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: “Our beliefs don't make us better people... our actions make us better people.” — Dan Torrance [Ewan McGregor] in Doctor Sleep (2019)

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: “Those conflicted organizations must pay. Their corrupted gui•dance has ruined our society! Our hands are now covered in blood!” ― The Great One, (European Leader Reacts to CCP Lockdown Reality)

NUREMBERG 2: “I feel like a lot of these people don't even know the rules of their own system, or their system that they're working in. … This system is going to collapse under the weight of its own corruption [BS].” — Dylan Saccoccio, (Episode 232: The Blackest Of All Magick)

HOW GUILT-TRIPPING BLAME-SHIFTING PSYCHOPATHS OPERATE WITH YOUR PERMISSION & OBEDIENCE: “They lie and manipulate you, but if you fall for their lies, you have willingly consented to whatever torture they are about to put you through. If you have ever been in a relationship with a sociopath, you know they love repeating; ‘you wanted this’, ‘you didn't have to do this’, ‘you could have left, but you didn't’, ‘you agreed to this’ […] Isn't that a weird fucking thing to say? In terms of psychology, that's just called twisting reality, but in spiritual terms, they are trying to cover their actions by repeatedly warning you that they have your consent. I guess freewill is extremely important in this game. If you do not consent, you can't be harmed.  …not all empty vessels are homicidal, but all of them are abusive, either physically or mentally. Their main method of manipulation is guilt. If you feel guilt tripped, you are dealing with a sociopath. They love telling you sob stories to try and get you to help or make you feel bad about yourself. If you feel guilty, RUN.” ― it's all illusion, (Soulless Humans Are Programs of the Matrix)

TREASONOUS COWARDS GET ELIMINATED: “They have bought politicians, media, hollywood stars, football―basketball players. All of them that are kissing the ass of China, are in on the game. And like I said, they think that they're currying favor with the new regime that's coming to power, the communists. No! They think that America's gone, lost, no longer. So they're siding with the communists, the socialists, communists ok. The zionists, the globalists. They think that that's going to save them. No! They're sell-outs. Once they are in charge the way they want to be, all of you sell-outs who sold-out thinking that you were going to get along, and keep your wealth and keep your mansions and keep some … power. No! They're going to round you up, take everything you own and shoot you in the head for being the traitor that you are. Now, it would've been better in my mind, to be shot as a traitor by the nation that you were a traitor against, than the people you worked with to sell us out. It's coming, your day of judgment is coming, … one day at a time, and it's coming.” ― MrCati, (The White House - Capital Hill Observation - A Multi-topic Discussion)

THE TRUTH IS LEARNED  NEVER TOLD“The Out Of Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.  This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat and tears by a team of woke professionals. It's been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for FREE for anyone to watch. Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video.” ― outofshadows.org, (Out of Shadows - The Documentary)

CCDH CONCEALING TRUTH: “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of dictatorship” — Bruce Coville, (D̶I̶S̶-INFORMATION DOZEN #MoreThan12)

PARALYZING SPIDERWEB OF FEAR: “…today I have good news for you… We need to not act out of fear, we need to act out of science.” — Dr. Bob Hamilton, (AMERICA'S FRONTLINE DOCTORS ADDRESS C V MISINFORMATION AT SCOTUS PRESS CONFERENCE)

THE NEW N̶O̶R̶M̶A̶L̶ SLAVE / LEGALLY OWNED PROPERTY OF CORPORATIONS THROUGH A cDNA PATENT: [“One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.” — William Osler | “‘Pharmaceutical’ is an anagram for ‘Cephalic Trauma’ with ‘Cephalic’ being from the Latin for ‘head.’ (Also to be noticed in the term for the post-vaccinated condition ‘en-Cephal-itis.’ The Pharmaceutical industry is simply doing its universally mandated duty to create ‘brain trauma’ in as many victims as possible. The counter argument, of course, being that they are ‘treating’ head trauma.)” *Chiron Last, video presentation, 2021, (The Narrow Gate)]

WEAPONIZED SELF-REPLICATING VACCINE VIRUS: Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what's causing deadly blood clots... and it's in all the covid vaccines (by design) — by Mike Adams, HEALTHRANGER, AFinalWarning.com

THE DEATH CURE: “Isn't your plan, to have that concoction injected into every single human being on this planet? WHO gave you permission?” ― Dr Adam Anderson [David Lewis] in VIOLENTIA (2018)

NARZISST DOCTORS | MORALLY ACCOUNTABLE | LEGALLY LIABLE | PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: “Whoever is gonna practice medical act on you … this needle stuff, sign that [s]he is a full [personal] responsibility [liable] of everything that can happen.” ― Danny Minely, (two ideas [Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Nuremberg Code 1947])

CONSPICUOUSLY DANGEROUS: Vaccines Kill – Anyone Administering A Vaccine Without Telling The Recipient That The Vaccine Is Experimental Is Guilty of War Crimes As Stated In The Nuremberg Trials After World War 2.  This law is still in affect …” ― Bryan Kemila, (illuminatiMATRIX 118)

CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS: I Told You So — by Alex Michael, (Conspiracy Music Guru)

CONSCIENCE / THE 7TH SENSE OF HUMANITY: “NEVER WORRY about who will be offended if you speak the TRUTH. Worry about who will be misled, deceived & destroyed if you don't.”Forged by Truth

INFORMATIONAL SCIENCE & BLACK MAGIC IS A CON GAME: If you're STUCK, and MUST watch Action Jackson - Best News Your Gonna Get... Is This ― by Matt McKinley, (Quantum of Conscience)

TRUTH TELLERS: “You had the facts, and you just didn't look at them. You stood there where they made you complicit. […] What about the people, the ones that we're supposed to serve, the ones who can't speak for themselves?” ― Dr. Tyrone Brower [Gary Oldman] in Crisis (2021)

SILENCING INTELLIGENCE: “If the truth has been forbidden, Then we're breaking all the rules” ― Emeli Sandé, (Read All About It, Pt. III)

THE AGE OF REASON IN THIS AGE OF EGO & COWARDICE“Censorship is the voice of fear.” ― Regan Keely, Transforming the Darkness, (✨Spiritual Discernment and Sources Within/Energy Update✨)

BEATING TYRANTS: “To overcome deep state, stop playing their game. Mass disobedience, with no direct confrontation.” ― Gosia, (PLEADIANS ON JESUS--INTEL FROM COSMIC AGENCY)

THROW AWAY YOUR FEARS: “So what do we do? Quite frankly, expose them and don't react.” ― Bryan Kemila, (illuminatiMATRIX 06)




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THE BEAUTIFUL SOUND OF TRUTH: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

THE SEEKER OF TRUTH: “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.” ― George Orwell, 1984

LIVING IN TRUTH: “We are men of action, lies do not become us.” ― Westley [Cary Elwes] in The Princess Bride (1987)